To have and to hold, or to has and to hold? Find out which form to use in tricky situations such as present perfect tense and possession.


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Pronouns, Affirmative sentences, Negative sentences, Questions. I  2 Mar 2021 Question: Does he speak Spanish? When the subject is he, she or it, we add DOES at the beginning to make the affirmative sentence a question. Affirmative Questions ??

She does have or has

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9. How long have you been waiting here? 10. We have no interest in this proposal. 11. Mark has not got a girlfriend Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Have or Has'.

I have a pet.

c. has Look at the picture and complete the sentences : have or has / is or are

7 Complete the sentences with the correct form of can and a verb from the  22 Feb 2018 ¡Anda, se nos ha colado una question tag y aún no hemos casi empezado! ( She does run); They live in Belgium, don't they?

She does have or has

Recordemos que el verbo to be, el have got y los verbos modales (can, could, She doesn't speak English (¿Os acordáis de la famosa –S de la 3º pers. sing.


I have a confusion with does she have and does she has. a1) Does she have a good sense of humor ?
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She does have or has

Have uses the pronouns I, you, we, they. Summary Has or have. September 27, 2016 -. Use has when the subject is a singular noun or singular pronoun.

Ejemplos de Do y Does en Inglés. Existen diferentes usos de las palabras "do" y "does" en inglés. “Does” se utiliza para la tercera persona del singular (he, she , it) mientras que “do” se utiliza para las demás I do … you do … he does … she does … it does … we do … they do. Do I have to be there at 6 AM? Tom does want to be there… but he has to work.
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Los verbos be, do have y will también pueden funcionar solos como verbos principales con un Present perfect continuous: He has been playing football.

Click here for the answer sheet. Note: When printed, this page will be formatted correctly for use as a handout. Q1 - She ____ finished yet.

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Översättningar av fras BUT SHE DOES HAVE från engelsk till svenska och exempel på DeKaan has friends and influence, but she doesn't have The Light.

E.g., The expression “Does she have a car?” is accurate. While forming sentences with “Does”, always bear in mind that you cannot use “Has” in the sentence as an auxiliary verb whatsoever. The verb “has” has been used incorrectly with the helping verb. Therefore, the suggestion is that you should consider changing it to a base form.